Who Killed Norma Jean?
Fabrizio Corona

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori italiani
Pages: 176
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-343-3

Nick Zaro is a cynical, unscrupulous paparazzo and a narcicistic womanizer who lives Milan by night chasing down scoops about VIP’s love stories. His pockets are full of money but a normal life is not his thing. His reflex camera is his only faithful companion and he only falls for women who want to go to bed with him, but it’s a 24 hour whirl. He doesn’t hang out with friends and colleagues; he doesn’t trust anyone, he doesn’t have any social life, and he is completely self-centred.

But when destiny plays a joke on him, putting him in the position to photograph the violent death of Francesca Grimaldi, the most famous TV presenter of the moment, everything changes. For Zaro, she’s still Norma Jean, the young stripper he loved years before when both were newcomers to Milan in search of fortune and a better life. He has always followed her career taking photo after photo of her successes.

But at first, he’s the one the police suspect. He has no love for them and the sentiment is reciprocal, so arrogant Zaro is the ideal suspect for the TV star’s murder. But Zaro is having none of that. He stubbornly sets out to avenge Norma Jean by tracking down her murderer in a parallel investigation of the faint traces left by the serial killer who is decimating the protagonists of gossip and show biz. When he meets Diana Moreira, Grimaldi’s gorgeous assistant who also wants revenge, together they begin a deadly hunt that leads to digging into the thousand and one vices of the gilded world of show business, a world that conceals a black heart. Amidst low-down joints, splendid women reporters, high-flying models and police detectives worthy of Clint Eastwood, Nick Zaro will find himself involved in a deadly game where his own life is at stake.

The author
Fabrizio Corona, born in Catania in 1974, was partner and executive director of the photo agency Corona’s and has created a line of clothing labelled with his name. One of the most talked about personages of recent years, he was at the centre of the Vallettopoli scandal and is often a protagonist of the national gossip publications. After his experience in prison, he wrote La mia prigione (Cairo, 2007). This is his first novel.

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