Kate and William

Luisa Ciuni – Elena Mora

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 192
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-356-3

The brunette walking to the altar is the grand-daughter of very poor miners, the daughter of a pilot and a hostess who became incredibly rich selling online gadgets for children’s parties. Not one drop of blue blood runs through her veins. The groom, waiting for her among the vaults of Westminster, is second in the line to succession of the throne, son of the noble Charles of England and the princess of hearts, the even more noble, Diana Spencer. Her name is Kate Middleton, «Waity Kate» as the press re-baptized her during the nine long years of a silent relation with William, but when she leaves the austere abbey, she will be Princess Catherine, the future queen of England. The first commoner to rise to the throne in the last five hundred years of the story of the United Kingdom’s monarchy, the first university graduate (with excellent grades, in an excellent school, where she met Will), the first one to have lived together – publicly and without any scandal – with her princely future groom.

Their love story was kept secret for a long time, and monitored in vain by the media for years. The young boy that everyone will remember behind his mother’s coffin in that incredible event of world-wide mourning that was Lady Di’s funeral, has been in the spotlight from the moment of his birth and has always had a horror of photographers and reporters. That’s why he wanted a reserved, solid, normal woman by his side. A woman who knew how to wait for him and support him. Until now, Kate has been all of this for him, even if she is only at the beginning of her work: years of apprenticeship to being a queen are awaiting her.

But if their wedding is a planetary event, their love is still to be described: curious anecdotes, questions of etiquette, private feelings and public scandals. And that’s where we take you, behind the scenes of the wedding of the century, the fairy-tale with princes and princesses where the happy ending seems to be only the beginning.

The authors
Luisa Ciuni, a reporter and writer from Palermo, has always lived in Milan where she is senior editor for fashion and culture for the daily Il Giorno. She has written various pieces on fashion and the history of fashion, besides the books Gossip terapia and Le bugie hanno le gambe lunghe, both co-authored with Elena Mora. Her stories are in the short story collections Cuori di pietra, Facce di bronzo and Corpi. In 2010 she co-authored Grace and Diana with Elena Mora for Cairo Editore.

Elena Mora, born in Piedmont, lives and works in Milan. A journalist by profession and central editor-in-chief for the weekly magazine Diva e donna, her passion is writing. Among her books are Manuale anti-ansia per genitori co-authored with Maria Rita Parsi, Gossip terapia and Le bugie hanno le gambe lunghe both co-authored with Luisa Ciuni. She participated in the short story collections Cuori di pietra, Facce di bronzo and Corpi. She has also written children’s books and cartoons. In 2010 she co-authored Grace and Diana with Luisa Ciuni (Cairo Editore).

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