Smash Hits in the Kitchen
220 “Oscar” recipes

Emanuela Folliero

€ 16,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 298
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-355-6

From the sweet fritters in Gone with the Wind to mamma’s zabaglione in Benvenuti al Sud, from bacon and beans in They Called Him Trinity to the shrimp cocktail in Blues Brothers. There are so many films, from all the eras, that narrate the aromas and sensations of the world of food and the kitchen in a single scene or a single shot. Even the first short film of the Lumière brothers, Le Repas de bébé in 1895, has as its protagonist a newborn babe’s pap: one minute where the baby’s loving parents spoon-feed him. After all, food has been a constant presence in the cinema from the very first ‘action!’ and still today remains one of the principal ingredients whether in a film where it has only a walk-on or where it’s the undisputed star.

Who can forget a marvellous Sophia Loren while she fries the pizzas that she’ll sell on the street in Oro di Napoli? Or the epitome of Italianism, the great Alberto Sordi who talks to those tempting «macaroni» before he avidly swallows a forkful? Or how about a splendid Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke’s slave of love, who allows him to feed her in front of the fridge?

And who better than Emanuela Folliero, the famous face of the Mediaset cinema transmission i Bellissimi di Rete 4 and a passionate cook, could collect the recipes immortalized in the frames of so many films seen in TV and at the cinema? Two hundred and twenty proposals subdivided into eleven chapters that range from fast dishes to gala dinners, from picnics to titbits for children, and on to ethnic or dietetic dishes, cocktails and snacks. And all of them tried out for you by real cooks. A homage to the world of food and also to the great Italian and foreign films. A book that weds the plots of celluloid masterpieces to the tastiest dishes rightfully part of the history of the seventh art.

The author
Emanuela Folliero, a popular TV star, became the official announcer for Rete 4 after her beginnings as a model. In addition to successful programmes like Ok, il prezzo è giusto! and Stranamore, she has conducted various programmes dedicated to film masterpieces like Pomeriggio cinema and I bellissimi di Rete 4.

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