Il Principe dei Cuochi – The Prince of Cooks

Maria Cristiana Magni

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 208
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-397-6

A true son of the Renaissance, Martino da Como is a many-talented and profoundly erudite man. With his incredible recipes, he brings fame and splendour to the noble Sforza family of Milan and is the absolute sovereign of the kitchens. In fact, Duke Francesco and his august consort Bianca Maria Visconti assign him to organize their fabulous banquets, the display of their wealth. And so to the marvel of the guests, the table of the lords of Milan are full of delicacies like haunch of pork with a garlic and vinegar sauce, venison covered with yellow peppers sauce, fried frogs in green sauce: masterpieces of taste and colour whose cooking times are calculated on the basis of the duration of a Pater Noster or a Miserere. Maestro Martino won the favour of the dukes whose benevolence is expressed in their growing trust in him. He knew all about the anxieties and the joys of the lords and meets their noble guests. And one fateful day, he meets love in the eyes of the beautiful countess Leoni. But he is a free spirit and his thirst for knowledge is endless. He decides thus to leave Milan and move to the Holy City to be at the service of the papal treasurer Ludovico Scarampi Mezzarota -nicknamed «Cardinal Lucullus» –patriarch of Aquileia , known for his custom of giving incredibly sumptuous banquets. As the cardinal’s personal cook, maestro Martino touches the highest peaks of his art, becoming so famous that in history he is remembered as the man who marked the passage from the cooking of the Middle Ages to that of the Renaissance, «the prince of cooks».

He was the only one who succeeded in satisfying the palates of nobles and men of the Church in Italy. The first to transform cooking into a true art that pleased both the palate and the taste for beauty.

From Francesco Sforza’s Milan to Pope Pius II’s Rome, from the noble Gonzaga’s Mantua to the Aragon’s Naples, the story of a man whose fabulous recipes marked the passage from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

This is the story of the prince of cooks.

The author
Maria Cristiana (Ketty) Magni, a writer born in Desio, in Brianza, made her debut with the novel Riflessi (2006), followed by Il pontile sul Lario (2007). After she concentrated on historical novels, her real passion and wrote Teodolinda. Il senso della meraviglia (2009) and Adelaide imperatrice del lago (2011).

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