La settima anima - The Seventh Soul

Silvana Giacobini

€ 18,50
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori italiani
Pages: 480
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-383-9


A Chiara Bonelli and Silvia Giorgini investigation in the rooms of the Vatican and the drawing rooms of high society Rome

The eyes of the world are on Rome. Marya Grant, a splendid, much talked about woman with emerald
eyes and the reputation of a praying mantis, is going to come to the Festival of Cinema Superstars, while an inter-religious convention will bring to the city representatives of all the major religions. The risk of a terrorist attack is sky high. That’s why the deputy police chief Silvia Giorgini has been assigned the task of a security programme for the city. To tackle this emergency, Silvia requests the collaboration of her friend Chiara Bonelli, the Telestella journalist with paranormal powers who has helped her resolve other complex investigations.

But even as the city is shut down by the police forces, two priests – a monsignor and his secretary – are brutally murdered. So Silvia and Chiara are called to investigate among the dark corridors of the Vatican and the high society of the capital, where they find corrupt priests, corruptible entrepreneurs and upper-crust families with shady secrets.

But Chiara cannot forget her Gift, that visionary ability that puts her in contact with figures of the past. This time the experience is even more devastating: she suddenly finds herself projected into Imperial Rome, full of female gladiators forced to combat in the Coliseum, former slaves who have become merciless torturers and priestesses, the Vestal Virgins, devoted to the sacred slavery of the temple. And it is there in the past where the distance between time and space is annulled, Chiara meets Marya, who in hypnotic regression has gone back through the centuries in search of the ghosts who haunt her nightmares.

After Chiudi gli occhi (Close Your Eyes) and Conosco il tuo segreto (I Know Your Secret), another enthralling novel from Silvia Giacobini, who portrays the fresco of our recent past with a sure hand and gives us a pitiless portrait of our present with a fascinating cast of characters: merciless and courageous women and men crushed by a power that devours them.

The author
Silvana Giacobini, born in Rome but Milanese by adoption, is married and has a daughter. She was director of Gioia, planned and directed Chi (Mondadori) and Diva e Donna (Cairo Editore). She has worked with various newspapers and been anchorwoman for Mediaset and the RAI, where she is also participates as a TV editorialist. She has written the novels La Signora della città and Un bacio nel buio (Mondadori, 1994 e 1999) which became films for TV, the book of portraits Celebrità (Mondadori, 2001); the short novel Diana, l’ultimo addio (which came out in installments in Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione and Il Giorno) and the poetry collection I fiori sul parabrezza (Rai-Eri, 2003). In 2007 she wrote Chiudi gli occhi (Cairo-Rai Eri), the first novel in the Chiara Bonelli series which won the International Prize for Narrative, Il Mulinello, the Colapesce Prize, the European Personality Prize and the Special Jury Prize «Un libro per l’estate». Aside from the Cimitile Prize and the Letterario Nazionale Albori Prize, she has had other recognitions when her second book with Chiara Bonelli came out in 2009, Conosco il tuo segreto (Cairo-Rai Eri). Both titles have been translated in Germany (Aufbau) and the Czech Republic (Metafora). Her Sophia Loren, una vita da romanzo (B.C. Dalai Editore) came out in 2010 and was translated in Spain by Ediciones B.

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