The Orange Tractor

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori italiani
Pages: 128
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-382-2

Italy in the Fifties is the setting for an interwoven fabric of stories full of delicate melancholy, subtle irony, freshness and spontaneity, the same qualities that distinguish the songs of Giorgio Conte. The lightness of memories, little or big events of childhood and adolescence stand out clearly in what happens to the characters.

Men like Signor Pistone (for whom Spumanti Pistone is named), Comm. Vittorio Faletti, Professor Fasano (with his new miraculous medicine, “penicillin”), cousin Alberto and the «Cavajer» (chevalier his grandfather Attilio). Women like Wanda (huge, solid boobs and the allure of a chanteuse), grandmother Tilde, Anna (the ideal patient for playing doctor) and Ada who adores red dresses.

Finally, other scraps of the times that were, like the Alfa Romeo Giuletta 1300, the 12 cylinder Maserati, the Lancia Artena 1900 and, above all, the orange tractor, an Orsi from the Thirties, a metal seat with holes and a three-ray black steering wheel. Giorgio Conte remembers and sends memory postcards from long ago with a wealth of vivid colours, the carefreeness of youth, the joy of living and, finally, the chance to become an adult. Maybe sipping at the Bar degli Stanchi a Carpano seltz with salty and greasy little green olives...

The author
Giorgio Conte was born in 1941 in Asti. Thanks to his family’s influence, early on he became a fan of jazz and the great French music. He played in swing quartets and quintets with his brother Paolo and began to compose songs for the greats of the era: from Celentano to Mina, from Ornella Vanoni to Wilson Pickett, from Milva to Patty Pravo. In 1993 he decided to leave his activity as a lawyer and to dedicate himself fulltime to his artistic career. In six years he did more than 400 shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Canada and Italy. Excelsior 1881 published his Sfogliar verze in 2007


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