First in the Klass

Alberto Krali

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The enthusiasm for Europeanism in the early Eighties seems light years away, and now, as never before, not only the Euro, but the idea itself of Europe is in crisis. The problem is that we have always thought of an ensemble of equals, but the hardships of countries in the southern periphery of the Union and of Ireland tell us that this is not so. Something in the idea of a united Europe has broken. And, in this moment of great crisis, after decades of being only an economic giant, Germany returns as the protagonist of European politics.

Many Germans are asking themselves now why they must pay for the errors of others. There is a sort of latent refusal making its way among the electorate, a Euro-sceptical drift that finds an ear in Berlin. Still, after various vacillations, Angela Merkel also arrived where the experts had already landed some time ago: leaving the common currency would cost every German citizen much more than saving the countries in crisis.

But what will this awareness lead to? What consequences will it have on Italy? Primi della klasse, gives us clear answers to many questions about the future of the Euro and takes us backstage in European politics and economy in a simple language that everyone can understand.

The author
Alberto Krali, an expert in German studies, teaches German at the Faculty of Political Science in the Catholic University of Milan and is coordinator for the Italo-German Degree in collaboration with the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. He is involved in promoting exchanges with foreign institutions, particularly German ones. He has taught in Heidelberg and co-authored with Hans Georg Gadamer and Emanuel Levinas L’identità culturale europea tra germanesimo e latinità, European Cultural Identity between Germanism and Latinism (Jaca Book, 1987). Following a conversation with Ernst Nolte he wrote Intervista sulla questione tedesca ieri e oggi, Interview on the Present and Past German Question (Laterza, 1993). He curated and co-authored Religiosità e Occidente: Una riflessione sull’identità culturale della nostra epoca, Religiousness and the West: A Reflection on the Cultural Identity of Our Era, with the contributions of H.G. Gadamer, E. Levinas and A. Bausola (Marietti, 1992). He is also a free-lance journalist

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