The Voices around her

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 96
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-415-7

Almost 17, Alice is a girl like so many others involved in the challenge of growing up. A little sister, a father she doesn’t talk much with, a boyfriend and her girlfriends are her world, and the aching absence of a mother no longer there. But one evening in a disco becomes the beginning of another story and another life for her. She wakes up immobilized in a hospital bed where she can only perceive the presences around her and hear far-off and muffled voices. She cannot feel her body any more and is no longer able to command a single muscle or nerve. Not even her tears can flow. She has to face a new reality made of suspensions, endless hours, doctors and nurses whose presence she averts like far off shadows. There are voices around her. She perceives her father’s presence near her constantly, feels all his love and hears the words of hope he whispers to her. And she hears her sister every day who reads out loud the pages of her diary – a diary of one normal day after another. Since Alice has passed that thin red line, she is nothing more than a glimpse of thought lost in a parallel dimension, out of space and time. And even if her name is Alice, the place she finds herself in is not Wonderland. She has gone through the mirror to wander endlessly in an eternal night. And she waits, waits for a possibility. Whatever it might be.

The author
Maria Pia Ammirati, a TV executive, writer and journalist, made her debut in 1991 with Il vizio di scrivere, non-fiction about the Italian novel in the Eighties. She writes for the cultural sections of papers and magazines. In 2000 she published her first novel, I cani portano via le donne sole (chosen for the Strega Prize). In 2005, Un caldo pomeriggio d’estate came out (Grinzane-Cavour Calabria Prize). With her novel Se tu fossi qui (Cairo 2010) she won the 2011 Campiello Selection Prize, and the Rapallo Selection, the Procida-Isola di Arturo-Elsa Morante, Basilicata, Vincenzo Padula and Città di Penne awards. Among her other books are Madamina: il catalogo è questo (1995), Femminile plurale: voci della poesia italiana dal 1968 al 2002 (2003).

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