The Dark Side of the Moon

Biagio Goldstein Bolocan

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori italiani
Pages: 288
ISBN/EAN: 9788860524133

Milan: the early Seventies. Ofelio Guerini, an elephantine police commissioner originally from Romagna and one-time Communist militant, bumps into the strange homicide of a sports field guardian, an old man murdered in his home by three stab wounds to the abdomen. Before his last breath the victim managed to leave two signs on the floor, two clues to help identify his murderers. If the crime is strange, which seems not to have any plausible motive, even stranger is what strikes the commissioner, the house where the murder took place, a kind of sanctuary for Communism and its external symbols.

And so a rather delicate investigation begins. An investigation where political passion is an overwhelming theme primarily the victim’s, but also the murderers’ and, subtly but deeply, the commissioner’s who over the years has left, though not abjuring, the Communist Party due to fatigue and painful reflection. The inquest will be long, studded with indecipherable facts and unexpected discoveries. Behind the screen of his apparent certainties, Guerini increasingly catches a reflection of sombre dissonances that seem to swallow up any trace of human dignity. Meanwhile, the search for a solution to the mystery becomes more and more hazardous, unpredictable, even incongruous.

And even when the commissioner does succeed in sighting the dark side of the moon, he has the sensation of having been a pawn in a game much bigger than he is.

The author
Biagio Goldstein Bolocan was born in Milan in 1966 and so a child during the Seventies, a youth in the Eighties, a young adult in the Nineties and an adult at the beginning of 2000. Within this time context, ever since he was a youngster he was interested in politics and experienced from the inside the end phase of the historical parabola of the Italian Communist Party. After a degree in History he taught for some years in the municipal night schools and in the historical Milan museums and, finally ended up in scholastic publishing. Since 1996 he has worked at the Bruno Mondadori scholastic editions (now part of the gigantic Pearson publishing company). Il lato oscuro della luna is his first novel.

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