No time to waste

Tommy Dibari - Fabio Di Credico

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori italiani
Pages: 224
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-403-4

Lazzaro is a young man from Puglia in search of a future. And building a future in Polignano is not easy. In this place, to earn a bit of money, the young guys meet at the port on winter nights to unload contraband cigarettes and hope the cops won’t nab them. But Lazzaro is different.

He lives in his own world and a lot of people think he’s rather strange. Actually, he has no time to waste because he has the dream of becoming a chef. That’s why he decides to try his luck up North, in Milan. At first it’s anything but easy. It is the first time he’s gone away from his village and his family, and he has to learn all the new codes for life in the city. But, most of all, he has to forget the kilometres of distance that separate him from the sea. After his first job as a dishwasher and a tender friendship with Sofialoren, a South American trans with a heart of gold, Lazzaro meets Vito, a carabiniere who’s from the South like him. Vito offers him to go live in an apartment he owns where four girls are already tenants.

For the beanpole, as they call him back home in Polignano, it’s the beginning of the most beautiful period in his life. Together in the house with Dalila, Barbara, Teresa and Adelina there’s a great atmosphere of complicity, and Lazzaro also succeeds in getting himself hired as assistant cook in a Puglia style inn. Everything seems to be going perfectly when an unexpected phone call brings up his past and upsets all his plans. His brother has found just the right job for him, and Lazzaro isn’t able to say no. He leaves his ‘family’ in Via Sarpio and finds himself being a sidekick to Carmine Cordaro, a man with a dubious reputation. Lazzaro manages only to intuit his shady traffics until by accident he discovers a terrible reality.

Co-authored by Tommy Dibari and Fabio Di Credico, Non ho tempo da perdere is a story of tears and smiles, palpitations and mirages, and round trips. Because the most adventurous voyage is the one that travels through one’s dreams..

The author
Tommy Dibari and Fabio Di Credico are a writing couple, TV authors and advertising copywriters. They co-authored their first work, the novel La Cambusa. Storia d’amore e di altre malattie – The Glory Hole: stories about love and other illnesses (Rizzoli, 2007) which was a smashing success. They have been among the authors of important TV programmes like Striscia la notizia (Mediaset) and Artù (Raidue) anchored by Gene Gnocchi. They also write for the theatre and are lyric-writers.

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