Michele Monina

Novità 2012
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ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-419-5

Among those who deal with music, critics, record producers and, more generally, insiders, it’s usually said that when an artist, a singer or a band, begins to be cloned, copied, cited too faithfully, that means success has arrived. A goal at times more significant than the number of records sold or being in the top ten.

So, in view of the number of groups in circulation that take off from Negramaro, we can tranquilly say that the group from Salento led by volcanic Giuliano Sangiorgi at the moment is the Italian musical band that merits attention more than any other, and whose story deserves to be told. They are the only reality able to nonchalantly move between pop and rock and make the public and the critics agree. Something that hasn’t happened for quite a time. Beginning with the long rise through the ranks that started more than ten years ago and up until today, made of pieces sung in chorus in the stadiums, of illustrious duets from Jovanotti to Elisa, of awards, sound tracks and prestigious collaborations, this biography tells us all we’d like to know about Negramaro and its frontman, Giuliano Sangiorgi, who wrote pieces for Andrea Bocelli, Mina, Patty Pravo and Adriano Celentano and is rightfully considered one of the most interesting writers in the Italian musical panorama.

The author
Michele Monina born in Ancona in 1969, lives and works in Milano. A writer, music critic, TV and radio author, songwriter, with about forty books published, among which God less America with Cristina Donà (2003), Vasco chi?(2004), Vasco - la biografia (2007), Ultimo stadio. In viaggio tra i tifosi in Italia (2008), Laura Pausini - Una storia che vale (2010), Tangenziali with Gianni Biondillo (2010), Faccia da bomber, the biography of Diego Milito (2010), Un fenomeno di nome Ibra (2010), Vale va veloce (2006) and Vale va ancora veloce (2009) about Valentino Rossi, Milanabad (2010), the biographies of Elisa, Semplicemente Elisa (2011) and Fabri Fibra, Io odio Fabri Fibra – (2011). He has also produced and published the cd-book Anatomia femminile, an anthology in which twenty-three Italian women singer-songwriters took part. He created and wrote the programme Stasera niente MTV anchored by Ambra Angiolini.

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