Temporary Air

Sara Root

€ 10,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 160
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-423-2


When does reality outdo fantasy? When a girl, armed with her degree and full of enthusiasm, tackles the world of work and then decides to tell us about how it went. But, more than anything, this is a novel because only fiction can describe what is incredible. Sara, the protagonist, a new, unwitting Alice, finds herself wandering about in a surreal and hallucinatory planet that absolutely does not resemble Wonderland. The repertoire runs the gamut: from indecent proposals of unpaid, indefinitely long internships, to offers of jobs with flexibly long hours and shamefully small salaries. Call centre, ad agencies, sandwich bars, herbalist and clothing shops, online newspapers, fake editorial offices. One experience after the other, photographs of the situation in which young Italians are catapulted after university. Ironic, amusing, sometimes bitter, but always lucid, Aria precaria is the story of a girl like so many others. Her life is made of friends, lovers, hardly any money except for her ever-present parents. She only wants normality: a real job, a house, a family. A normality that for so many young people has become a mirage,.

The author
Sara Root was born in Milan in 1981. After her studies, she tried to find her place in the world of work, doing numerous unpaid internships in ad agencies, music and online magazines. In 2010 she moved to Rome where she currently free-lances in digital public relations for various ad agencies.

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