Casimiro Rolex

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
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Pages: 112
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-432-4

What separates Good from Evil? At times this dividing line is so fine that many people are unable to see it. For example, that’s what happens to Casimiro Loconte, whom his pals in the hood call Casimiro Roléx, because of his passion for trade name watches which over the years has become a real job. Casimiro lives his bitter life in a Naples where the borderline between crime and survival is increasingly ephemera. Certainly, seeing how he lives, it’s easy to judge, but basically he’s just a poor wretch. A guy who loves his wife and has invented a tough and even perilous trade so she will feel safe. True, he had his chance to make a quality leap, like Tonino ’o Zar, who rides around in a Mercedes with a Russian babe displaying a dizzying décolleté, his arm out the open window with a Rolex Explorer on the wrist that no one is going to snatch because he packs a gun and is a bad guy. The problem is that Casimiro never did have the guts to do certain things. And so he has to make do, day after day, trying to ignore that when you play with fire, you’ll eventually get burned.

The author
Franco Di Mare (Naples, 1955), a journalist, began at the RAI in 1991, where he worked on news stories for Tg2, before becoming special correspondent in the Balkans during the war. After that he was special correspondent in Africa and Central America. In 2002 he passed to Tg1 as war correspondent Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2003 he became an anchorman for RAI 1 and at the present time he anchors Unomattina. In 2009 Rizzoli published his book, Il cecchino e la bambina; The Sharpshooter and the Little Girl, a from his theatre-reportage text Amira; and in 2011 his autobiographical novel Non chiedere perché, Don’t Ask Why, a finalist for the Bancarella Award.

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