A respectable man

David Lubrano

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 240
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-425-6

Giovanni Angioli is a lawyer with a solid career, a divorce behind him and a new companion. His days are divided between the courtroom and the social life of the Leghorn upper class. A life built more on being seen with the right people than having friends. Then, one evening, returning home from his office he is arrested. Taken on the street like a dangerous fugitive from justice. The accusation: aiding and abetting extortion. Giovanni knows only too well what those four words mean, but it doesn’t seem possible that they have anything to do with him. Transferred to the city jail, he is plunged into the condition of a man without rights, subject to his jailers’ abuse and surrounded by a suffering humanity which, like him, rightly or wrongly, claims its innocence. The very same condition of those whom he has defended for years as a lawyer. In the prison cell Giovanni meets Kempes, a giant with a child’s smile, a small-time criminal and ex-football promise, who helps him make his way in that hell and teaches him to smile through his tears. And when they are freed, the lawyer after a month and the habitual offender after five years, their strange friendship flares up again with unexpected strength. In the social abyss that separates them, they pick up where they were interrupted. But now Kempes wants a life without crime. And Giovanni a life without hypocrisy. One of them wants to become a respectable man, or perhaps is one already. The other no longer knows if he wants to be part of that category. But can one combat against a fate that seems already written? Does a second chance for everyone really exist?

The author
David Lubrano (Leghorn 1966) began as a cartoonist at the Vernacoliere. Then he went on to Striscia La Notizia where he began his career as a comedy writer which continued over the years in many other RAI and Mediaset TV programmes, especially with Giorgio Panariello. For some time he has been writing texts for Dario Ballantini’s characters. Currently he works for the Sky’s satirical programme, Gli Sgommati. After years he took up cartooning again drawing for Vauro and Vincino’s Il Male. In 2009 Rizzoli published his book No Globul, an ironic and grotesque account of his coexistence with a rare blood disease.

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