The Final Sense of Things

€ 13,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Narrativa italiana
Pages: 160
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-442-3

Marco is 35, happily married and expecting a child when he finds out he has cancer and only six months more to live. He is overwhelmed by anger and fear: when his child is born into the world, Marco will have to leave it.

He decides to disappear so as not to drench the woman he loves with the pain he will suffer and to be able to face death openly, without hospitals, without medicines, without useless pietism, in a final decisive clash. He takes refuge in the hills of Assisi where by a peculiar combination of circumstances, he finds himself living in a singular house together with an old, blind dog and where he meets a mysterious monk who knows a lot about him, perhaps too much… And it is thanks to Brother Walter, the fulcrum of the novel, that Marco will understand the best path to choose to make the journey that we all have ahead of us.

Alone, abandoned and reduced to being a tramp, Marco will finally discover that his illness is not necessarily a curse, but a unique and unrepeatable possibility to discover the final sense of things. And, from that moment on, Marco’s life will change completely in an unexpected and unforeseeable way.

The authors
Marco Verzè was born in a village near Verona on 23 January 1973. He has always been socially involved and spends hours listening to others tell stories he treasures about their experiences and lives. By profession, he is an architect, but his passion is writing. Il senso ultimo delle cose is his first narrative.

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