The 2013 Green Guidebook

Luca Sardella & Janira Majello

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 320

The “greenest couple” in Italy is back in the bookstores. Luca Sardella and Janira Majello have collected for us lots of precious advice about how to take care of garden, terrace and house plants; to improve our health and looks by taking advantage of the benefits of flowers and plants; to learn to buying and eating what is seasonal, cooking healthy and tasty dishes that can help us keep fit. Using the simple and direct language that is their trademark and which has made the TV public love them, Luca and Janira reveal secrets big and small about best using what Mother Nature generously offers us for living well.

Some examples? The directions for preparing anti-stress tisanes for apartment plants and the decoctions for re-greening leaves, tricks for preserving fruit, greens and cut flowers; secrets for perfuming the car or the house with salt and lavender oil. And more, how to prepare a squash mask for skin purification or rosemary oil with firming properties and, of course, lots of health recipes. A practical, illustrated handbook that follows the seasons month by month and ranges from gardening to herbal medicine, from botany to zootechnics, from nutritional science to gastronomy. To teach us everything we need to know about living green.

The authors
Luca Sardella, an agronomist specialized in phytopathology, has always had two great passions, music and plants. His first musical hit goes back to 1984 with the song, Io, io senza te, performed by Fausto Leali, while his “green” career began with designing gardens for VIPs and then in the 1990/1991 season went on to the RAI2 programme Mattina Due. In 1991 begins the collaboration with Janira Majello (currently editor-in-chief of the monthly, Vivere LIGHT) which put both of them in the limelight and drew the public’s attention. Among their TV successes are Una pianta al giorno, the first programme in Italy exclusively dedicated to gardening, Verde mattina, Verdissimo, La Vecchia Fattoria and Garden. In the bookstores they hit the top ten sellers with I consigli di Verde Mattina; Le Ricette della Vecchia Fattoria; In Cucina con La Vecchia Fattoria; I Dolci della Vecchia Fattoria; Polvere di Spezie.

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