The 2013 Horoscope

Paolo Fox

Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 264

Love, health, work, fortune. From the most famous face in Italian astrology, all the predictions for the 2013. Sign by sign, month after month, you will find out how the New Year is going to be. And more:

• Couples’ affinities

• Calculate ascendants with easy to read tables

• The tables of “cusps”, for people born in the middle of two adjacent astrological signs who want to determine once for all which one they belong to.

• Day by Day the characteristics of children born in 2013

The author
Paolo Fox was born in Rome under the sign of Aquarius. His horoscopes are published exclusively in the weeklies DIPIÙ, DIPIÙTV and TVMIA. He is appreciated for his daily horoscopes on Lattemiele and Radio Deejay, he is also one of the most well known faces in television (Rai Due). His books on the predictions for the year have become an annual success.
More info at his site

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