Jesus of the Miracles

Sandro Mayer and Osvaldo Orlandini

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 192
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-455-3

History and the Gospels have given us their actions but who really were Jesus and John the Baptist? Who was the man who launched a message of hope which is still modern today? And who was the “disciple that Jesus loved”, the young man who dedicated his entire existence to Jesus, standing by him during the most touching evangelical moments, from the resurrection of Giairo’s son to the Transfiguration, from the prayers of Gethsemane to the supreme act of the Crucifixion?

Out of the very human events of the lives of Jesus and John an unrepeatable and fascinating story takes shape, a lively and authentic testimony of a sentiment that matures over time, to be fixed in all eternity. Sandro Mayer and Osvaldo Orlandini, with their enthralling style, between epic and popular novel, able to impassion thousands of readers, are back on the shelves with a unique and powerful story, skilfully mixing documentaries and novelized truths. The story of a great friendship, able to surpass the confines of time, brings to life a colossal that will once again enthral and move the authors’ numerous and faithful readers.

The authors
Sandro Mayer is a journalist with great experience that ranges from show business to the news, to politics and reportage. Currently he is director of Dipiù, DipiùTV and TVMia for Cairo Editore. He wrote the plays Il silenzio dei sogni Bivio d’amore Un amore grande grande and the musical Il miracolo di padre Pio. In 2006, Cairo Editore published his book Una emozione dipiù and, in 2008, together with Osvaldo Orlandini he wrote La grande storia di padre Pio (2008), La grande storia di Gesù (2009), and in 2010, La grande storia della Bibbia e Cuccioli nel vento.

Osvaldo Orlandini became a reporter at a very young age. He began his brilliant career at the daily, Il Giorno. Then he went on to Gente, where he wrote about the news and politics of the most clamorous cases of the Eighties: from the Red Brigades to the Tobagi murder and the assassination of General Dalla Chiesa. He worked there for twenty-seven years, first as correspondent, then as vice-director. Currently he is vice-director of Dipiù. Together with Sandro Mayer, he wrote La grande storia di padre Pio (2008), La grande storia di Gesù (2009), La grande storia della Bibbia and the novel Cuccioli nel vento (2010).

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