Us and Them

Danilo Mainardi

€ 16,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 224
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-468-3

It was the middle of the 1700’s when the naturalist Linnaeus definitely placed man in the animal kingdom and the middle of the 1800’s when Charles Darwin demonstrated that we animals are all related. In fact, all of us, even though perched on different branches, are on the same tree of life. Let’s resign ourselves to that – Mainardi exhorts us – and, among other things, we will discover that the reason is splendid. Just watch a child playing on a lawn with his dog: they are certainly not related – one is a primate and the other an ex-wolf – still both are social and intelligent.. Their relationship is natural, they gush empathy. So, even if it is about them and us, it is always we who watch them and our gaze must always be free of prejudices, just like a child’s. As his faithful followers have learned by now, the best love ethologist in Italy, besides being an important and esteemed scientist, is also a fantastic story-teller, and in Noi e loro there are lots of stories along with curiosities, pieces of wisdom, small and not so small discoveries. Portraits that reveal an unusual aspect of warm-blooded animals, from the strangest mammals to domesticated animals and then, the cold-blooded animals like reptiles and amphibians. And of course, there are cats and dogs who literally speak. As always, Mainardi teaches comprehension, respect and love towards our animal friends, without ever forgetting to entertain his public.

The author
Danilo Mainardi, ethologist, ecologist and an expert in popularizing science, is professor emeritus of Behavioural Ecology at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and head of the International School of Ethology in Erice. He is honorary president of the LIPU (Italian League for Protection of Birds), member of various academies and societies like the National Academy of Sciences (dei Quaranta) and the International Ethological Society of which he was president. He writes for Corriere della Sera and Il Sole-24 Ore, and is a regular on Piero Angela’s TV programme Superquark. Cairo Editore has published his non-fiction works Nella mente degli animali (2006; 5th edition), La bella zoologia (2008), L’intelligenza degli animali (2009) and his “ethological mystery”, the novel L’acchiappacolombi (2008), Un innocente vampire (2020) and Le corna del Cesare (2012).

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