In the garden wood

Carlo Pagani - Mimma Pallavicini

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 176
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-474-4

Is it possible to be in the eye of the media hurricane and live in close contact with nature? Carlo Pagani, a gardener, whose self-fulfilment is having his hands in the soil, demonstrates in these pages from a diary that, yes, it is possible. A dream born when just a boy in short pants he cuts geraniums to bring to his teachers. The dream was then cultivated over decades of work, and finally became the apotheosis of renewed happiness for Pagani, by now white-haired, when the thought of an ancient wood triggered thousands of new projects. A place with trees just a step away from home became a project in which untamed nature shared space with a garden, a vegetable patch and an orchard. A book about the joy that anyone can have among majestic and ancient trees, about the amazement of gathering the unexpected abundance of the fruit of one’s work. In a vortex of effective gestures and contemplation, the life of the master gardener from Bologna is renewed, his perception of things widens and the desire to share these good moments takes the shape of a narration. This book, the fourth written together with his friend, the journalist Mimma Pallavicini, is dedicated to those who are still able to catch the noise of dry leaves being raised by the first violet of spring and to those who will catch in these pages just how much vegetable and flower gardens and woods can be the bringers of infinite satisfaction.

The authors
Carlo Pagani has done ornamental plant nurseries for 45 years and for some time has been dedicated to greenery communication in order to transmit his enthralling passion. For ten years he has been collaborating with the magazine Gardenia, writing books, giving speeches and teaching gardening courses, and since 2002 he has written and conducted TV feature programmes.

Mimma Pallavicini, a journalist and naturalist, collaborates with various publications, among which Gardenia. She wrote about the flowers in the Ticino Park (Fabbri, 1982), antique roses (Edagricole, 2000), aquatic plants (Cairo, 2006), bulbs (Giunti, 2009), practical gardening (Gribaudo, 2007-2008, Vallardi 2011-2012) and a guide to historical gardens (Mondadori Electa, 2008).
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