Around the world in 50 years

Gino Nebiolo

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Storie
Pages: 352
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-486-7

Journalist for La Stampa and La Gazzetta del popolo, then director of the RAI cultural services, Gino Nebiolo, during his long career, has reported almost fifty crucial years of world history. This book is the grand correspondent’s account of the memories of his fascinating voyage through history. Nebiolo is an “old style” journalist; he belongs to that era when reporters could not count on the aid of photos and internet.

Words were the only instrument to bring history alive in the reader’s eyes. In this book episodes of the past are brought to light: the beginning in 1945 after being a partisan, the Superga incident, the encounter with the women who falsified Mussolini’s diaries, Coppi’s death.

When Nebiolo went to work at the Gazzetta del popolo, he went from national news to his grand international reportages: the Congo in ’62, witness to the battle of Algiers, foreign correspondent in Vietnam and China during the years of Mao Tse Tung. When he was called to the RAI by Bernabei in 1966, he continued to deal with international and cultural news stories: pieces about Ethiopia (a portrait of the Negus); encounters with Dubcek and Ceausescu. And then, the Carnatian Revolution in Portugal, with the particular destiny of the corrupt and shameless revolutionary Otelo Carvalho. In the last years of his career, Nebiolo documented the P2 tempest, the war in Lebanon and the middle-eastern crisis. Along with the historical events, Nebiolo narrates his encounters with the famous people he met over the course of his long career: Vittorini, Pavese, Fenoglio, Oriana Fallaci, La Pira; Fellini, Zavattini, Arafat, the Dalai Lama, Yves Montand, the philosopher Guitton...

The entire book is a long, delicate and enthralling story, a string of memories about a recent past that has now become history.

The author
Gino Nebiolo is a journalist ad writer from Piedmont. He was foreign correspondent for Tg1 in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Paris, and curator of the TV7 programmes. Some of his articles were published in the Meridiani collection on Italian journalism. He has written numerous history books and Cairo published his historical novel (Ucciderò Cristoforo Colombo, 2007) and a non-fiction about the French attempt to annex Piedmont (Soldati e spie, 2011). He lives in Paris and Rome..

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