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Things will happen by themselves
Belardino (Dino) Feliziani

Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori italiani
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-499-7

Divine providence exists, or at least a superior order that gives us back what was taken. Always. It suffices to believe it. Often it happens when we are at the end of our poor stories, when it seems that there is nothing more to do, when everything seems to be against us, even when we have clean conscience. It is useless to ask ourselves why: it happens and that’s it. What is important is that, like Bernardo, this novel’s protagonist, we can sustain the gaze of the person in front of us, especially if the person tries everything possible to stop us when we take the risk of changing a pre-established order of things, incomprehensible for most, but not for the person who has a precise plan to follow. Even if it is a perverse and unjust plan. Bernardo finds himself combating the “strong powers” of the world of soccer, following the ideals he had once, when as a boy he ran after the ball on huge soccer fields. There are those who facing a situation like the one uncovered by Bernardo, choose to adapt themselves to try to obtain advantages or those who, instead, spontaneously rebel because their dna has the values handed down for generations: the simple values of an honest life which we have to answer for.

Text by
Belardino (Dino) Feliziani, is from Rome. He is an certified public accountant with a degree in economics and an expert in M&A operations and in civil and criminal economic law. He has had important roles in the world of football organization. He was a member of the Technical Committee and coordinator of the inspectors and also auditor of the Italian Football Federation respectively from 1983 to 1986 and from 1996 to January 2013. In 1985 he took on the role of Chief of the general secretariat and the general and contractual affairs of the FIFA World CUP Italy ‘90 Committee. He organized and directed “Italy House” in Seoul at the Korean Olympics in 1988. He writes essays and articles on economic and financial matters , and in 2008 Edizioni Libreria Croce published his first novel, Finché avremo paura, As long as we are afraid, that, in 2010, has won the literary prize “Sulle ali del cielo”.

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