The breed of the apocalypse

Salvatore Margiotta

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 320
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-483-6

North General Hospital, New York City, the middle of the night. Sister Agnes’ cry of alarm throws the maternity ward on the 5th floor into a panic. A newborn child has disappeared from the crib. White, male, two days old. Who could have kidnapped him? But above all, why? This is what police inspector Frank Camarda asks himself when he is called to handle the case. An investigation that makes him nervous because when babies are involved no one wants to be entangled. In addition to that, from the very first findings the fact emerges that in the last months a lot of newborn babes have been kidnapped. Too many to be a coincidence. And this macabre series of disappearances leads far off, across the ocean to a mysterious cemetery in Germany. And there, in the city of Dresden, Camarda has to piece together the fragments of a terrifying conspiracy that has its roots deep in a past that will forever leave scars on Europe. From the barracks in Buchenwald to the secret rooms of the STASI, among scientists involved in the front line of the Cold War and American senators fighting for power: Camarda’s search for the truth will be a voyage in time and history, from the last World War to today. He will be forced to fight against hostile and obscure powers that threaten the safety of the planet, in whose belly someone is raising a new breed of supermen that are obedient as robots and lethal warriors. In preparation for the day of the Apocalypse. A day increasingly nearer.

The author
Salvatore Margiotta (Palermo, 1964) has a degree in Pharmacy, but has always cultivated a passion for graphic and figurative arts. He is an entrepreneur in the field of chemistry. La stirpe dell’Apocalisse is his first novel.

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