When love is not enough

Sergio Assisi

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 208
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-475-1

A man is running wildly towards the station to jump on the first train leaving it. Two cars are following him. The man is wounded but he can’t stop. His only chance for safety is to run as far away as possible. And that’s how Aldo Russo, former pro soccer player, once a young promise, but never fulfilled, to elude both the pursuit of his one-time friend Gigi, his former coach and former almost brother-in-law and the Carabinieri patrol he ignored at a checkpoint, finds himself in the bathroom of a train going from Milan to Turin. Without a ticket, a wallet, or a mobile. But a ticket inspector catches him, and after he recognizes Russo, demands a convincing explanation for why he’s on board the train. Without a ticket, a wallet, or a mobile. In this suggestive framework of the bathroom in the Frecciarossa, Aldo begins to tell the story of his misfortunes. And his story begins years before with his holidays in Gaeta during the summer of 1989. From his first passionate unrequited but unforgettable love, to his try-out with the Naples team, to his debut in the A Series and the accident that cut off his nascent career. Then the difficult come-back with other teams and a new encounter with his never forgotten love, but this time requited, and how. Then the most exhausting wedding preparations in the history of man, and up to the Grand Day. Finally. Or maybe not. Intriguing and ironic, When love is not enough is a striking love story, entertaining and surprising and able to make the reader dream. Just like its author.

The author
Sergio Assisi was born in Naples on 13 May 1972. He is an actor, director, author and writer. After years in the theatre world, he debuted in cinema with Lina Wertmuller nel 1998, and continues to be a protagonist man in various TV successes (Elisa di Rivombrosa, Capri, Graffio di tigre, Il commissario Nardone). A writer of screenplays, he founded the production house, Q Production, in 2007. Mondadori has published his books Spazza Napoli (2008), San Giuseppe facci vincere lo scudetto fino al 3000 (2009), and Strapazza Napoli (2012), all ironic tributes in homage of the Neapolitans.
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