A private war

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 336
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-509-3

History does not forgive; it sinks for a long time, but then inexorably always returns. The ones to reckon with this eternal movement will be Chief Ofelio Guerini, head of the police headquarters in Milan, and the people he loves most. The story begins with a bang: the Guerini family is shaken by the unexpected arrest of young Gregorio who is sent to the San Vittore prison accused of participating in an armed band, a very heavy accusation in the year 1979 marked by terrorism, April the 7th arrests and the special laws against terrorism. It is an absurd accusation which Guerini doesn’t believe for a moment; in fact, he thinks that the real target of the initiative is not his nephew, but he himself, an anomalous police chief, a rare example of a communist “grafted” by force into the rank and file of the Italian police during the times of a far-off history – the Resistance and the “wind from the North” – now vanished. Someone, who strikes from the shadows and indirectly perhaps cannot forgive Guerini for his affiliation. That form of diversity neither exhibited nor publicly claimed, but tenaciously conserved as testimony of his dignity. It will be a merciless battle against an invisible adversary, a private cold war with terribly high stakes: not so much the truth or discovery of his enemy’s identity, but the lives of his nephew Gregorio, his wife Maria, his relatives and his men at the police station. And finally, for Ofelio Guerini, his own life.

The author
Biagio Goldstein Bolocan was born in Milan in 1966 and so a child during the Seventies, a youth in the Eighties, a young adult in the Nineties and an adult at the beginning of 2000. Within this time context, ever since he was a youngster he was interested in politics and experienced from the inside the end phase of the historical parabola of the Italian Communist Party. After a degree in History he taught for some years in the municipal night schools and in the historical Milan museums and, finally ended up in scholastic publishing. Since 1996 he has worked at the Bruno Mondadori scholastic editions (now part of the gigantic Pearson publishing company). In 2012 Cairo published his first novel, Il lato oscuro della luna.

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