Beautiful without surgery

Dvora Ancona

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ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-508-6

Beauty should not become an obsession for perfection at any cost and at any age, the spurious aesthetic canon imposed by the media; however, the increasingly longer life span should be taken into account. Just take a look around: the vastly diffused practice of taking recourse to plastic surgery has standardized faces and bodies and changed the way we see ourselves. How many times have we asked ourselves: But doesn’t she see herself? But there is an alternative as Dr Dvora Ancona, Italy’s pioneer in aesthetic medicine, explains. It is literally possible to change the way we look from head to feet without being constrained to take recourse to surgery, and this book makes us understand how. Aesthetic medicine uses safe, painless and totally non-invasive methods. And the results are extraordinary. Moreover, it helps us to construct a “skin friendly” life style that includes exercises and a healthy diet. We don’t realize it, but the skin is our most extensive and evident organ, both the first communicating door to the world and the first defence against the world’s aggressions. Yet, paradoxically, skin problems are often neglected, or better yet, liquidated as B series symptoms, «simple» blemishes or imperfections. It’s true that the liver, the heart and the lungs are vital organs, but what happens to the skin is, at least, clearly visible. So in this case, as never before, the equation health = beauty holds true. In fact aesthetic medicine is also for healthy people because prevention is the only way to avert disease and, finally, the complications of aging. Feeling good in one’s body also means psychological balance. As Dvora Ancona teaches us, though we can not turn back the hands of the clock, we can make them go slower.

The author
Dvora Ancona was born in Haifa (Israel) so many years ago she can’t remember the date. A physician, she specialized in maxillofacial surgery and then dedicated herself to aesthetic medicine. She has lived in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Jerusalem, learning super-innovative techniques regarding anti-age medicine which is what brought her to Italy. She lives and works in Milan where she manages the Juva centre for curative aesthetic medicine.

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