The eagle beyond the ocean

Claudio Dotti

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 272
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-504-8

Spring. 1807. While Napoleon’s Grande Armée scourges Europe, and Spain timidly watches from the sidelines, a stranger wanders for days among the antique ruins of the Roman site, Baelo Claudia, just a bit north of the Strait of Gibraltar. The man is desperately looking for something but does not know he is being watched. In fact, he should not be there. His presence in that place, decreed inaccessible by no less than the Spanish Inquisition, is not appreciated. All the more so because he is a foreigner. His name is George Drouillard, the son of a Frenchman and a Native American woman, and in that corner of the earth so far from America, he is looking for evidence of an amazing event that could rewrite history. However, the balances of power are very delicate and the status quo must be maintained, even at the cost of using force to send the foreigner back where he came from. However, Drouillard has no intentions of giving up; the dream that brought him there might even be worth his life. A dream that began when, part of the first expedition across the American continent, in the midst of a tribe of Blackfoot Indians, he was approached by an old man, who with a lost look in his eyes and a trembling lips had jabbered some strange phrases. In French. The man was white, probably a European, even though he couldn’t remember his own name. The words of this derelict together with an elk-skin pouch containing some mysterious things, were enough to spur the adventurer across the Atlantic. To defy, all alone, the terrible Church of an extremely Catholic Spain...

The author
Claudio Dotti, has been former director of the Central Analysis Laboratory and the Department of Laboratory Medicine of the Reggio Emilia hospital, and professor of Radiochemistry at the University of Parma. In 2000, Marsilio published his novel Il sentiero delle betulle, which won two awards for Opera Prima: the Tuscania award and the Città di Penne award. In 2005 Editore Aliberti published his novel Ai confini della notte (first prize in the literary contest Città del Tricolore and finalist for the Rea award), in 2006 Il trono del Sole and in 2008 La notte del ricatto.

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