Saints together

Emanuele Roncalli

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 144
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-546-8

St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II. However, people continue to call them the Good Pope and the Great Pope. Their joint canonization, greatly desired by Pope Francis, beyond being a unique event in the history of the Catholic Church, is a clear message to the entire world. God is merciful, so mercy must guide the choices of Christian. In fact, mercy was the governing programme of these two popes, as different in personality as they were similar in the luminosity of their existence, paved with examples of kindness and fellowship, peaceful co-existence, closeness to the last and the least. Their earthly path in common lasted a little more than forty years: from 1920, the year Karol Wojtyła was born to the year of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli’s death in 1963. In many ways, their lives ran in parallel and, their paths crossed more than once, culminating in the John XXIII’s beatification, desired by Wojtyla, on 3 September 2000. Now, the canonization of both on 27 April 2014 will be the last, extraordinary event with these two protagonists together. It is Emanuele Roncalli, grandnephew of John XXIII, who makes us relive more than a century of emotions by narrating the pages of life of these two great men of the Catholic Church. Pages in which we all have taken part, even if only as spectators of their Marian devotion, their approach to the secret of Fatima and other stories of great cultural and religious interest.

The author
Emanuele Roncalli, journalist and essayist, is the author of numerous books of an historical and religious nature. Biographer of family of the pope of Sotto il Monte, he has written various works on the life of his illustrious great uncle and is curator of the family’s collection of letters. For the daily, L’Eco di Bergamo, he writes about big religious events. He wrote and directed the film, Il Papa della bontà, The Pope of Goodness. He is an expert on the Vatican Palaces, was often collaborator, commentator and guest on RAI TV programmes (Porta a Porta, La Grande Storia, Racconti di vita), Mediaset (Vite Straordinarie), Sky and on Radio Vatican. He is married to Arianna and has one daughter, Caterina. He lives and works in Bergamo.

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