In praise of gambling

Cesare Lanza

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Pages: 168
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Gambling is a metaphor for life: you suffer or you’re happy, you react or you defend yourself from continual emotions, you fight or you resign yourself to what happens, controllable or not by your will So, gambling, Cesare Lanza maintains in this pamphlet, is neither amoral nor destructive, but actually educational because it teaches you how to win and how to lose, and how to behave with intelligence and dignity when faced with the risks of gambling, in other words, of life. Lanza’s Elogio del gioco d’azzardo starts with this premise, but also gives a voice to those who do not think as he does. And he does this by putting the most varied arguments on the plate: gambling, as an entertainment has always existed in every culture; the ambiguity of the State which, on one hand, indicts gambling and, on the other, is a gambling house keeper that very happily cashes in on the money deriving from taxes; legalised gambling is a productive activity that gives work to thousands of people and provides for part of the funds to be given to cultural activities events and charity; gambling has been a source of inspiration for great literary and cinematographic works; the proceeds deriving from gambling, even in the past, have allowed creating numerous works of art and facing critical moments. But that is not everything. Grand gambling expert that he is, the author has collected anecdotes and extravagances about the green table to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, whether gambling enthusiasts or not

The author
Cesare Lanza, 1942, was born in Cosenza and, after his work took him all over Italy, he settled in Rome. A journalist, he has been director of some important dailies (Il Secolo XIX, il Corriere d’Informazione, il Lavoro, La Notte) and has collaborated with the most prestigious Italian newspapers. In the first decade of the third millennium, he was worked above all in TV as the author of popular programmes on RAI 1 e Canale 5 (among which Domenica In, Buona Domenica, Il senso della vita, Festival di Sanremo). And, today, on the eve of the final goal, he wants to fully take the advice his mother gave him when he was in high school: read, write and study. He is considered the major Italian expert on gambling: he has written numerous books about it and is proud to have won some chemin de fer tourneys in the most important Italian casinos.

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