How to get yourself monstrously cultured TODAY

Paolo Villaggio

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In 1972, after a brilliant debut on the writing scene with Fantozzi, Paolo Villaggio published (on the advice of Umberto Eco) a rather strange book: Come farsi una cultura mostruosa. The idea of the work sprang from the author’s consciousness of the necessity of possessing, in the radically changed post economic boom society, an exceptionally high cultural level. If nothing else, at least to be able to participate in and win on the quiz programmes which at the time had begun to be a big hit in TV. Now, more than forty years after the book came out, the situation in Italy has not changed. The quiz programmes are still dominant in the TV schedules and the cultural level of the contestants is a dizzying downward spiral. That is why Paolo Villaggio feels the necessity to publish Come farsi una cultura mostruosa OGGI, a new book in line with the times. Though the contents are up to date, the formula has remained intact. Villaggio gives the reader a series of names of people, places and things about which one must guess the right definition in the multiple choice answers.

Are you ready to feel monstrously ignorant?

The authors
Paolo Villaggio (Genoa, 30 December 1932) is an actor, writer and comedian. He has created and interpreted on TV and in films comical characters of a paradoxical and grotesque nature, like Professor Kranz and the incredibly timid Giandomenico Fracchia. He is famous most of all for his literary creation and its subsequent cinematographic transposition (in ten films) about the CPA, Ugo Fantozzi. In addition to the Fantozzi saga, he has written many books, among which the recent Storia della libertà di pensiero (Feltrinelli), Storie di donne straordinarie, Crociera lo cost, Mi dichi: prontuario comico della lingua italiana and Siamo nella merda: pillole di saggezza di una vecchia carogna (all published by Mondadori).

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