Zen 2.0

Master Tetsugen Serra

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Everyone is in search of happiness. Perhaps it is the only thing that men and women truly have in common, no matter their character or culture. But what is happiness? Before a great, eternal question like his, Zen Master Tetsugen gives an apparently simple answer; however it is the synthesis of a life of deep thought (and of the lives of many others before him). Happiness should be our natural existential condition, it is inside us. We need only to chase the clouds from our mind and life would seem to us as it really is, not as we believe/want it to be. It is, precisely in that difference between things as they appear to us and how they really are, where happiness resides. To put this universal aspiration into action are the key words awareness and here and now. Help comes from Mindfulzen, a new, extreme fusion between the psycho-cognitive techniques of Mindfulness and the age-old wisdom of Zen, which distils the heart of each. This is a path of supreme optimism, an enhancement of the ancient Oriental traditions but conceived for today’s Western man and laid out in 8 simple points for daily practice. Meditation need not happen in a particular condition of being, but rather, in every hour of every day, if it is done with awareness. One can say the same for the much yearned happiness: it is possible to make a world of beatitude and love, here and now, and in this book, we will find out how.

The author
Zen Master Carlo Tetsugen Serra (Milan, 1953) began his training with Master Tetsugyu Soin Ban Roshi in Tokyo, and received dharma in the lineage of Harada Roshi from Master Tetsujyo Deguchi. In 1986 he received his Zen Master Shiatsu diploma from the Shitsuto Masunaga Institute in the Iokai Shiatsu Center in Tokyo. On his return to Italy in 1988, he founded in Milan the Enso-Ji (The Circle) Zen monastery and the Zen Shiatsu School, and in 1996, also Sanbo-Ji (Temple of the Three Jewels) in Berceto, in the Province of Parma. Master Tetsugen Serra personally occupies himself with the monastery’s way of life and with teaching meditation. He has written many books on the disciplines that he also disseminates in his training seminaries.
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