Dictionary of lost tastes

Alberto & Elena Mora

€ 10,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Extra
Pages: 192
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-555-0

Remember the good old things? The really good ones: fresh, seasonal, fragrant fruit and crisp veggies? Yes, seasonal because no one certainly dreamed of finding zucchini and strawberries in December. Not to speak of frozen foods. Then, a fridge was looked at suspiciously. Every year, on certain days – whetherit was Christmas or Easter, harvesting time or the traditional family picnic – you ate that particular dish, cooked in that particular ways as long as you could remember. This little book is all about the memory/nostalgia of certain tastes. It gives us in alphabetical order from A for apples to Z for zucchinis all those delicious dishes that have been lost or perhaps revived as a trend. Like the mysterious panaché of fashionable pubs, soda with a splash of beer that even kids born in the boom years were allowed to drink in summer. Or when on the table at meals there was Idrolitina, a powder that transformed water into sparkling mineral water that threatened to blow off the stopper with the rubber gasket. And the strictly home-made «snacks» like buttered bread with sugar and marmalade or whipped egg yolk and sugar. Easy to read and flavoured with nostalgia, these pages make us see once again the pot bubbling away in a corner of the old kitchen range and hear the call of the ice-cream man who punctually turned up every Sunday afternoon with his two-wheeled cart and exactly two flavours of ice-cream..

The authors
Alberto and Elena Mora, are siblings born in Piedmont in the mid-Fifties, she writes and he collects memories. One day, they playfully tried to put the two things together. This book is the result. They also co-wrote Dizionario dei giochi perduti (Cairo, 2012)

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