Beyond pain

Umberto Veronesi - MariaGiovanna Luini

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Pain is a part of all our lives and is a fundamental and educational event. It does exist, and if you want to fight it, you need to know it, know the reason for its presence in the body and the mind. That is why for centuries questions have arisen about its nature, its deepest meaning. First, in pain there is a physiological, perceptual component, indistinguishable from the negative emotional experience produced by the unpleasant sensation. Thus, it can be a physical or psychic manifestation or both together, but it is always subjective. Pain can be inevitable as in illness, it can be self-inflicted or inflicted on others or it can be individual or collective, as in the case of the tragedies of history.

A person like Umberto Veronesi, who by vocation and profession, has dedicated his life to alleviating the suffering of others, has an intense daily relationship with pain, and as a physician, scientist and politician, in addition to being an impassioned reader of the Holy Bible, can offer us an illuminating view. Naturally, he does not neglect to invite us to reflect on the principal human factors involved in the reality of pain: existential solitude, bereavement, the quality of life, the right to self-determination and, above all, the possibility to reduce to the minimum, if not totally eliminate, the pain that has lost its “usefulness” as an alarm bell.

In this grand little book, written with MariaGiovanna Luini, Veronesi, who has never stopped believing in the power of intelligence, rationality and study, teaches us the centrality of sentiments, sensitivity and empathy. In other words, how to look into our souls.

The authors
Umberto Veronesi was born in Milan and has always lived and worked there. He is a surgeon, a researcher, a man of science and culture. For eighteen years, he was director of the Istituto dei Tumori, and since 1994, he has been director of the European Institute of Oncology, which he founded. From 2008 to 2011, he was a Senator and became Minister of Health in 2000 during the Amato government. He has received thirteen honorary doctorates and has written various books, among which are Verso la scelta vegetariana with Mario Pappagallo, Longevità, Siate liberi and La dieta del digiuno all of which he wrote with MariaGiovanna Luini.

MariaGiovanna Luini, has always flanked Umberto Veronesi on the front line in the fight against cancer. She is a writer, physician and scientific communicator at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. In addition to the books she wrote with Veronesi, Marco Bianchi published her Ricette della dieta del digiuno and in 2013, Cairo published her book Il male dentro.

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