Your life is an event

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Women today have a thousand roles in only one body. Young, energetic and ambitious; adult, responsible and maternal; workers and homemakers. Wives, mothers, friends, companions. There was a film called, I don’t know how she does it. Always able to rise to the challenge. Tiziana Rocca, mum, wife and full-time executive manager, teaches us that you can be and do all that. The password is organization. Aim for the max but without expecting perfection and never give up. Because every woman is like a unique work of art, and to really be fulfilled every one must rely on what makes her stand out. Like the weavers of Persian carpets who deliberately introduce a defect in their works because it was said that perfection belongs only to the divine. From the “PR queen”, as she was defined, here is a manual for the woman of the third millennium, that step after step teaches how to organize yourself best at work and in your private life so you don’t have to give up anything: not family nor profession nor friends. The book has tons of valuable advice about how to always be at the max all day long whether it be clothes, makeup and hair or how to organize a dinner at home with friends and how to keep yourself fit. Because the real luxury today is having time for yourself.

The author
Tiziana Rocca , born in Naples but living in Rome for years, has three children (Cristiana, Vittorio and Valerio) and is married to the actor/director Giulio Base. She is an entrepreneur of big events and owns the Agnus Dei Tiziana Rocca Production, a company specialized in planning, organizing and producing events, film festivals, documentaries and full-length films. She is often a guest in TV programmes and writes a column about customs and current events. For the last three years, she has been the general manager of the Taormina Film Fest. Among her books are Feste cene cocktail - Come organizzare una serata di successo, Il libro della comunicazione 2007, Come fare le PR - Le nuove regole per comunicare con successo, Mamma dalla A alla T - Manuale di sopravvivenza per le donne di oggi (the latter two also published in the USA) and the e-book Pubbliche Relazioni 2.0.

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