I’ll Cook for You in Half an Hour

Claudia Biondini

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 312
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-585-7

FHalf an hour, thirty minutes: magic words that whoever has to cook more than once a day loves to hear. And the thirty minutes are “real” because they cover preparation and execution, from the workbench to the table. Claudia Biondini, a prêt-à-porter chef, publicity food stylist and author of cookbooks, offers you tons of yummy, colourful, innovative and, above all, fast solutions for appetizers, first and second courses, side dishes and desserts. To add a touch of freshness to your table, Claudia’s recipes are inspired by the Mediterranean tradition but also the flavours of super-foods from all over the world: imaginative snacks, main dishes, vegetables until you burst but also quiches, flat breads and bread-sticks, ice-creams, spoon desserts, energy bars, smoothies and centrifuges. If you want this revolution in your kitchen, you have to read the Directions for Use: how you cook and how you eat tell about you. Those 30 minutes with Claudia will become your half hour of daily wellness. To save time and effort, you need only a few little tricks and some magically simple advice: organize your work space, choose the essential tools and little kitchen appliances, find the best ingredients (even in the neighbourhood supermarket), follow good cooking rules, learn how to conservation, keep things orderly while you cook. In fact, at times just by changing some little habits one becomes a great chef. Each recipe is marked by a “stamp” that defines it as lunch box, on diet, comfort food, gourmet, detox, veg, gluten free or low cost, making the creation of a special menu easy and immediate. All that’s left to do is sit down at table!

The author
Claudia Biondini, born in Milan thirty years ago, has spent almost ten away from Italy experiencing the traditional food and flavours of various countries. After a degree in literature and going to the Milan School of Cinema, she began to work in publicity. Then, after a trip to Brazil she decided to dedicate herself to what she had always loved: cooking. Armed with her passion, she returned to Milan and threw herself into a new world, beginning to work with chefs and restaurants, constantly searching for original ingredients and innovative dishes. Currently, she works as a food stylist and curates events connected to food. She has also written a recipe book, I magnifici 100 (Gribaudo, 2013). www.claudiabiondini.com

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