Letters to Baby Jesus

€ 10
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 96
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-566-6


Don’t expect the usual little Christmas stories, the ones that are a bit too sweet and sentimental and inspire us to make good resolutions. The kind that probably we won’t keep this time either. Talking about Don Mazzi, or better yet, when Don Mazzi talks, the usual gives way to the unusual and to affectionate provocation. To induce us to rethink about the real meaning of Christmas, he directly involves its protagonist, Jesus, and along with him other personages from the crèche, including the shepherds, the sheep and the little ass. In his Letters to Baby Jesus, the “pretaccio”, as he is the first to call himself, shares his reflections on the task of the family, the sense of gifts to teach to children and adults, the value of sharing, starting from the consoling warmth of the grotto in Bethlehem. What you find in this grand little book is a marvellous gift and concerns all of us, believers or not, every moment of our lives. So that every day is Christmas.

The authors
Don Antonio Mazzi (Verona 1929) was ordained in Ferrara in the Congregation of the Poor Servants of Divine Providence. He immediately began in-depth studies of pedagogy and psychology related to the developmental years and disabilities, taking specialized courses in Italy and abroad. Over the years, he has received three honorary degrees in pedagogy. From 1955 to 1984, in collaboration with public bodies and universities, he was the director of various initiatives for assistance and training for young people with problems. In 1989 he was assigned the Molino Torrette Farm inside the Lambro Park in Milan. It became the headquarters of the Exodus Project. He still lives there in order to participate directly in the Foundation activities. He is a professional journalist and the author of numerous books: Le beatitudini del marciapiede (Monti, 2011), Il mondo e l’infradito, Come aiutare un figlio dopo averlo rovinato (both Edizioni San Paolo, 2011), Dio, mio amante (Cittadella Editrice, 2010), Educatori senza frontiere, diari di esperienze erranti (Centro Studi Erickson, 2013). Cairo published his book, È severamente proibito fare figli (2014)..

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