I’ll be your daughter if you don’t make me eat zucchini

Tommi Dibari

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 216
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-583-3

Tommy and Doriana are young couple like many others: they fall in love, get married, and decide to have a baby. But as the old Hebrew saying goes: When man thinks, God laughs. Indeed, the child they want so much isn’t on the books and they get sucked into a process of check-ups, analyses, Gonal F therapies, insemination, FIVET, religious tours in search of grace and web sourced diets based on chilli peppers. It’s a pilgrimage up and down the Italian peninsula to hospitals, private clinics, white coats and dirty shirts. They feel like lab rats waiting for the next experiment. While the buildings in the city fill with baby blue and pink ribbons on the main doors and the little parks fill with mums pushing strollers, they get the chilling sentence: «You are in what science defines the range of unexplainable infertility». Disappointment and discouragement take the place of hope. Until something happens unexpectedly and just a few words are enough to make everything seem different. «Maybe you’re meant for another project, maybe you should go and get your baby, take it away and save it.» Tommy and Doriana decide to take action, follow their hearts and go back to that place inside where heartbeats count more than reference parameters. They go deeply into the secret place of emotions towards an equally arduous choice, adoption. They jump into the arms of judges, psychologists and social workers, whispering to them that some place in the world there is a baby waiting for them. Then, one day, the reply comes from the Italian court: there is a little bird, as fragile as a new leaf, called Martina. She wants neither zucchini nor blows, but is famished for love. That is how everything turns upside down, because life can also be read backwards. As Martina says, «If you take a good look, the sky is an upside down sky».

The author
Tommy Dibari (Barletta, 1974) is a writer, author for TV shows, ad agent and professor of creative writing at the Centro Internazionale Alti Studi Universitari. He was among the authors of important TV programmes like Striscia la Notizia, Artù, Paperissima and Paperissima Sprint. He has written for the theatre and the cinema and is also a lyricist. He and Fabio Di Credico wrote La Cambusa. Storia d’amore e di altre malattie (Rizzoli, 2007) and Non ho tempo da perdere (Cairo, 2011).

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