This sun will protect you

Silvana Giacobini

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Narrativa italiana
Pages: 240
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-60-69

What’s better for relaxing than leaving the chaos of Rome and enjoying a little off-season holiday in Liguria, in a little hotel that offers tranquillity and good food? For the writer Margot Amati, a few days in Torralba, near Chiavari, is a promise of serenity in a tough moment. Her publisher is pressuring her to finish the new mystery and there’s a silent crisis with her boyfriend who is far away. But after two days of well-deserved rest, Margot the only guest remaining in the inn owned by Claretta Molinari, a shabby woman with rather brusque ways, gets an unexpected invitation for the inauguration of a 5-star resort in a sumptuous villa next to the ancient tower after which the place is named. The invitation describes an event of international importance with a top drawer chef and wellness experts to delight the prominent guests. But who is the invitation from? Who knows that she is there? Margot is surprised and, at the same time, attracted to the idea, but Claretta Molinari’s unexpected reaction shakes her. The owner of the little hotel tries everything to dissuade Margot from going: the villa is a cursed place, whoever goes near it dies. Especially if it is a young and beautiful woman. After this ominous prediction, Claretta begs Margot to at least accept a precious necklace, a kind of talisman, which she must never take off. For her own good. When Margot goes to the Villa Soltera, she finds herself in front of an imposing portrait of a mysterious Lady in Black who is wearing a necklace identical to hers. In a crescendo of tension, the “Mystery Girl” is catapulted into a world where nothing is what it seems and everyone hides unspeakable secrets. Even the curse seems to exist: many women have met their death in the villa and the bloody thread gives no sign of being interrupted. Beautiful Margot investigates at the risk of her life and her path will cross that of an ancient sect of faceless initiates and white collar criminals meticulously infiltrated into the Great Works of the Italy that counts. Until the incredible truth comes out.

The author
Silvana Giacobini, Roman by birth but Milanese by adoption, is married and has a daughter. She was director of Gioia, planned and directed the weeklies Chi (Mondadori) and Diva e donna (Cairo). She has written for various dailies and conducted programmes for RAI and Mediaset, for which she is also a guest commentator. Her novels La signora della città and Un bacio nel buio, both of which became TV films. She also wrote a book of portraits Celebrità and Sophia Loren, una vita da romanzo. Cairo Editore has published her novels Chiudi gli occhi (2007), Conosco il tuo segreto (2009), La settima anima (2011) and Il leone di terracotta (2013). Her books have been translated in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and Poland.


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