End of the champion

Gian Paolo Ormezzano

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 168
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-621-2

The body in a blood-covered training outfit was lying face up on the floor. That’s how Rino Mossotti, esteemed sports reporter for the city’s principal paper, found the Argentine bomber, Niko Gonzalez, in the stadium locker room. The striker, an idol for fans, has a wound in his head and a gash in his chest: for the investigators, it is immediately clear that Niko was killed by a shot and after someone savaged him with a knife. The question is who and why. In parallel with the police investigation to identify the killer, Mossotti is assigned by his director to do a series of interviews in the attempt to reconstruct the complex scenario in which the champion was involved. Mossotti interviews Gonzalez’s widow, his team mate Mauro Tartaglia, Padre Gino, the team’s ex chaplain, the coach, the president and the CEO of the club in which Gonzalez played, the criminologist Salvatore Mariazzi, doping expert Piercarlo Savani, the police commissioner and the leader of the ultras. What emerges is a totally different truth from what the papers usually write: a dramatic and violent reality that throws a harsh light on the personality of the murdered champion, the world of football and all other sports. It is something that must remain hidden because the interests at stake are too high. Because no one can allow changing the rules of the game.

The author
Gian Paolo Ormezzano is a Turin journalist born in 1935. He was director of Tuttosport, special correspondent for La Stampa and wrote for Famiglia Cristiana. Among his books are Storia (e storie) del calico, Storia del ciclismo, 1978 Bancarella Sport award, and Storia dell’atletica (Longanesi), Giro d’Italia con delitto (Marietti) and Non dite a mia mamma che faccio il giornalista sportivo (lei mi crede scippatore di vecchiette) (Limina).

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