A passion for mortadella
Origins, culinary uses, testimonies and memories of the famous

Corradino Marconi, Giancarlo Roversi

€ 10,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 168
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-599-4

Mortadella che passione through memories, testimonies and anecdotes, acquaints you with one of Italy’s most world famous culinary products. It describes how it’s made, how it’s eaten and stored, details its nutritional values with Evelina Flachi, directly from the TV programme, Prova del cuoco; and gives a collection of suggestions from famous chefs like Bruno Barbieri and testimonies from Oscar Farinetti, who reminds us that there’s nothing better for a snack than bread and mortadella. There are interviews with famous people like Pupi Avati and the sports stars Capirossi and Di Vaio who reveal their love for this jewel of the culta Bononia. The book also offers lots of hints about using mortadella, not just alone, but also as an ingredient in the kitchen, with recipes and the right wines for them, and why not, even excellent beers. There are also anecdotes about the culinary habits of Rossini, an adopted Bolognese and about how much Garibaldi liked this salami. There are more stories about illustrious Italians and foreigners who tasted and appreciated mortadella over the centuries. So this is neither a culinary handbook nor a technical manual nor a history, but it is all of these, a divertissement for everyone, for the curious and for those who want to know more, for those who delight in the gourmet pleasures and want to be gratified, for those who are lonely and for those who delight in discovering something good.

The authors
Corradino Marconi was born in Milan but feels Bolognese. After his degree in Economy and Commerce in Bologna, he worked in the Barilla marketing department for many years. He has taught courses on marketing and technology in the food sector. Currently he is CEO of the Villani Spa and Maletti 1867 Srl, companies that belong to an important Emilian group of the agri-food sector. Since 2011 he has been president of the Bologna Mortadella IGP Consortium and advisor for the ISIT (Institute for protected Italian salami.

Giancarlo Roversi, Bolognese, with a degree in Political Science, is a journalist and writer, the founder and director of numerous cultural, tourist, food and life-style magazines. He writes for various newspapers and has taught tourist communication courses at the Scuola Superiore di Giornalismo of the University of Bologna. He has written a great number of books and non-fiction concerning history, art, customs, and especially about culture and food culture, communication and the history of advertising.
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