Zen 3.0 - The path of meditation

Zen Master Tetsugen Serra

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 216
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-607-6

Some fields of knowledge, like neuroscience, quantum physics, medicine and psychology, have made extraordinary progress in recent years, but if knowledge about the human being has increased to a great degree, one cannot say the same for happiness. Indeed, it seems that in today’s world suffering has spread. This simple observation may lead us to conclude that happiness does not reside in knowledge outside of ourselves, exactly like unhappiness or the solutions to our problems. So, if we want to be truly happy and free from suffering, we must seek inside ourselves and learn to know our minds and our hearts. Living with awareness. In the final analysis, that is Buddha’s message: the mind has the power to create every kind of situation whether pleasurable or unpleasant. Let us begin then to live differently because when we change ourselves we are already changing the world. In this book, it is the Zen master Tetsugen who speaks to us, an Italian who lived for many years in Japan where he was ordained as a Zen monk. Then he returned to Italy and founded two monasteries open to everyone. For thirty years, Tetsugen has dealt with the “Western tradition” by applying Zen wisdom to our frantic daily life-style, not at all inclined to concentration and awareness. Every moment of the day, from waking up to getting dressed, from leaving home and going to the office, from returning home in the evening to having dinner, is marked by his meditation. A meditation that can be practiced by anyone in any situation to have a new, happy and creative life. Let’s listen to the master because, as the Zen saying goes, a good word keeps a donkey tied to a pole for hundred years.

The author
Master Carlo Tetsugen Serra (Milano, 1953) carried out his Zen path in the Toshoji monastery in Japan, and received the transmission of dharma from the Zen master Tetsujyo Deguchi Roshi. In 1988, he returned to Italy and founded Enso-Ji (the Circle), the first Zen monastery in Milan. Later he founded Sanbo-Ji (Temple of the Three Jewels) in the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines It is a monastic complex of residences for monks and lay people. He has authored many books and videos and is the founder of Mindfulzen, a path of practical Zen contextualized for modern man. Cairo published his Zen 2.0. La via della felicità (2014).
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