Love and Offside

Elena Tambini

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 168
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-686-4

A woman referee explains to women the terminology and logistics of the sport that has always impassioned men: football. Step by step, from the entrance of the teams on the field to the final whistle, she illustrates with professional skill and feminine irony how tactics and strategies can be transferred usefully from the playing field to field of love. Because if you just clear your mind of preconceptions and prêt-à-porter opinions, you’ll discover that football is much more romantic than what you imagined and much more “female” than anyone has ever dared to think. And, above all, how on the field and in matters of the heart, what’s important is not just winning, but also playing a good game. The book allows us to discover how to use attack and defence techniques, how to make our goals, how to best use our energy. Learning football terminology, rituals and rules is not only useful for understanding current language that has taken infinite definitions from the sport, but also to astonish your women friends and your companions. You can learn from football how to be crafty, fast and, above all, flexible. How to use the game plan best for you: the one that facilitates life. How to take the maximum advantage of every situation and keep you eyes open for catching all the opportunities that turn up. Finally, how to train yourself never to think you’ve lost points before the ball makes a goal. Kick off your prejudices!

The author
Elena Tambini was a football enthusiast even as a little girl. In 2006, she became a member of the AIA (Italian Association of Referees). She is from Como and has a degree in Economics and Cultural Heritage and Show Management. She is also a journalist and does musical and cultural marketing and communication. Amore e fuorigioco is her first book.

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