The smile diet

Alain Mességué

€ 13
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 144
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-608-3

Once again, Alain Mességué astounds us. That unpredictable man we all know wants to give us a more intimate self-portrait. Mességué, the guru of diets and herbs, talks about himself, retracing some of the phases of his professional life in the witty and ironical style that distinguishes him. More than forty years of a career, but perhaps he would prefer the word “mission”, recapitulated in rapid segments and episodes that acquire a particular significance, aiding in understanding the man Mességué. However, this is not an autobiography.

It is almost a human appraisal the author makes and generously offers to his audience - above all, to his son. In fact, a talk with him was the source of the idea of reconstructing in a series of points his life up to now, a splendid subject for a tale of adventure. In addition, through the statements of his illustrious guests, one discovers that behind the professional everyone knows, is a brave, tireless and generous man who offers suggestions and advice to help us feel good by eating better. He gives us recipes that mix healthy and surprising ingredients; he debunks beliefs and false convictions about nutrition and offers tricks for losing weight.

Anyone can benefit from this book by choosing the most interesting information like biographical info, tricks for getting into shape, wellbeing and health advice, curiosities and recipes. Everywhere in these pages are pearls of wisdom to refresh us from our worries and daily stress. And there are scads of smiles.

The author
Alain Mességué was born on 2 July in Bergerac to Maurice Mességué, the “renewer” of modern phytotherapy and Elena, a teacher of Italian origin. In the tradition dear to real Gascons, Alain, the firstborn, followed in his father’s footsteps and today is considered one of the world’s most famous nutritionists, naturopaths and phytotherapists. In 1970 he finished his studies in Physical Therapy at the Toulouse University Hospital Centre and, since then, has added to his knowledge of the curative virtues of plants and medicinal herbs complementary specialties like dietetics and techniques of physiotherapy and naturopathy. His wellness centre attracts clients from all over the world. He has written numerous books, among which the long seller, Il metodo (Garzanti).

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