The Director

Elisabetta Cametti

€ 18,90
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 382
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-657-1

29 hours to survive.
29 hours to take revenge.
29 hours to thwart a criminal plan.
29 hours of live terror.

New York, now. Veronika Evans is a photojournalist who portrays the social outcasts of big cities. Her shocking photos get millions of visualizations a day, tens of thousands of tweets an hour: an immense public of followers in which anyone could be hidden.

Barbara Shiller is a NYPD profiler who tackles every homicide case with the fury of someone who has to atone for a tragic error of judgement. Surrounded by men, she would like to make them forget her beauty. Then there is an episode of an Emmy award winning talk show that went on air the year before, and it seems that all the guests are candidates for a death as theatrical as it is atrocious. The first suspects for that macabre sequence of homicides are the show’s guests that are still alive. Among them are Veronika, her competitor Derek Crane, a war correspondent who has disappeared and the presenter of the talk show. The clues come hard and fast, but without leading to a motive. 29 hours in countdown: in an escalation of violence and terror the shadow emerges of a Director with an incredible strategy for homicide that will be a new page in the history of crime.

The authors
Elisabetta Cametti born in 1970, with a degree in Business Economics from the Bocconi University, has worked in publishing for twenty years. She works in Milan and London. Il regista is the first novel in the 29 Series and will be published in Italy contemporaneously with the USA launch of K – I guardiani della storia, her debut thriller that is an international bestseller. K – Nel mare del tempo (In the ocean of time), the second book in the K series, was published in 2014. The press defined her as “Our Lady of Thriller” and her protagonist, Katherine Sinclaire was baptized “the female counterpart of Dan Brown’s hero, Robert Langdon”. She is often invited to the Channel 5 TV programme, Mattino Cinque to comment on headlined news stories. Her books have been published in 12 countries.

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