72 Hours

Guido Bagatta

Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Extra
Pages: 300
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-645-8

It all starts almost like a game, with a dare on Facebook: disappear for 72 hours. And Carolina, after 16 tranquil years with her head on her shoulders, decides to accept the challenge: one morning she vanishes. She does it without leaving clues that could help everyone who starts looking for her, especially her parents, to know what happened to her. She leaves her mobile under the pillow, takes some clothes and a pair of shoes out of her closet and starts off on her adventure: a trip to Barcelona to be at the Sonar, an electronic music festival, with her friends and Mara, a girl she just met at school. But the trip in a car to Spain is just a pretext because Carolina’s real journey is discovering herself. While at home her parents haven’t the slightest idea of how to react to their daughter’s absence and, for the first time ever, the picture of the perfect family seems to fade in scenes of spitefulness and rancour, Carolina gets across the French border and finally arrives in Barcelona. 72 hours opens a window on the world of adolescents at the very beginning of adult life, with all the problems, the fears and the dreams.

The author
Guido Bagatta is from Milan. He is a journalist and TV and radio presenter. The historical voice and face of American sports reporting in TV, his writing debut was the bestseller La mia vita bassa. After that he wrote La mia nuova vita bassa, In viaggio con i Jonas Brothers and L’amore è servito.

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