Amareno Fabbri - A Chief Commissioner in Bologna


Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 228
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-646-5

The Chinese Era, the year of grace 2005. He is Chief Commissioner at the Bologna police headquarters. He has a droll name which he seems a bit ashamed of (maybe he’s right about that), an ex prostitute girlfriend (but not really so ex), an unorthodox relationship with the powerful and supreme consideration for good food and the pleasures of life. His unbridle energy makes everyone love him. Almost everyone. Although he has the name (and surname) of the exquisite shiny, dark fruit in the famous blue and white jar, Amareno Fabbri is neither particularly sweet nor tender with those who do not respect the laws, or more precisely, the moral codes of a commissioner in a class by himself. This time, his squad is involved in looking for the anonymous sender of three threatening letters sent to him and his partner Marisa. The commissioner is convinced that the big guns in the city have something to do with it, because whenever he can, he steps on their fee. With the precious help of an old friend, now an important executive in the Secret Services, the commissioner’s sweeping investigation begins in the shadow of Bologna’s Two Towers. There are plenty of plot twists, quips, nosh-ups, urban meditations and, best of all, an unthinkable ending. Yes, because the writer of the mysterious letters is…

The author
Zap & Ida met when the Eighties became the Nineties. A banker, he quit his job and, an art critic, she abandoned the “critical” situation. This was the birth of the duo Zap & Ida who began to live off humour: graphic cabaret shows, hilarious ad campaigns, thousands of cartoons and gags. They collaborate with various newspapers (L’Europeo, Il Resto del Carlino, La Gazzetta dello Sport...). At this point, they’ve had 40 books published by Mondadori, Rizzoli, Comix, Giunti and other smaller publishing houses. Not satisfied, they get into the world of scholastic publishing thanks to their illustrated diaries Among the various book titles is Passi, Steps, the first investigation of Amareno Fabbri published by Giraldi Editore in 2013.

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