You can only laugh (not to cry)


Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 120
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-655-7

A comedian is an observer of human behaviour and of life. Like a miner, he digs deeply into the soul of things and people and extracts rough diamonds that become one-liners, monologues and anecdotes that get laughs. Pucci has no need to do much observing because comedy comes straight to him. Every time he has something to do with his wife, his daughter or the dog, every time he goes to the doctor or the gym, the human fauna he encounters gives him moments and situations that only he knows how to turn into a show, like the good teacher he is of the art of making people laugh. C’è solo da ridere (per non piangere) is a series of stories inspired by the real life of Andrea Baccan, stage name, Pucci. His daughter’s school, vacations, sports, a diet, condo meetings, infomercials, etc.. A hilarious marathon with a shattering and positive effect that shows us how our hero tackled situations that all of us have faced at least once in our lives. We find out that in the final analysis, we can only laugh about ourselves, the world and life – in order not to cry.

The author
Pucci, born Andrea Baccan, is from Milan. He was a jeweller but a funny story changed his life: in fact, he won the 1994 edition of La sai l’ultima? From then on he began telling about his life onstage as if it were a funny story. He is one of the most popular Italian stand-up comedians and presenters. Irreverent and provocative, an Inter fan to the core, even his entertaining venting on the Internet is visualized by millions. He’s a familiar face in TV: Colorado, Quelli che il calcio and L’isola dei famosi are just some of the broadcasts he has participated in. In 2010, Cairo published his book Ho sposato l’esorcista.

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