I love gluten free

Simona Ranieri

Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 144
ISBN/EAN: 14,00

Simona Ranieri is “kitchen born”. The daughter of restaurant owners from the Abruzzi, she soon learned how to make her way among pots and pans. But when her career as a professional chef was at the point of taking off, she found out she had celiac disease and couldn’t taste the dishes she made anymore. Instead of being discouraged, Simona transforms what could be a limit into her strong point. She specializes in gluten free cuisine to offer clients of her family’s restaurant an ad hoc menu. The challenge is to create dishes able to satisfy any palate so no one is excluded from the delight of eating delicious food. Her recipes, divided into six sections – appetizers, first and main courses, one course meals, an office menu and desserts – are the result of imagination combined wit scrupulousness and flavours from all over the world. Starting from the principle that gluten can be harmful to health and that everyone should eat in a healthy way – favouring veggies, fish, meat, pulses, nuts, dried fruit, spices and herbs – Simona proposes dishes in which no one has the sensation of giving up something: from quinoa veggie balls to buckwheat spaghetti with bass and bacon, from seafood hamburgers to piglet à la green tea, from millet fritters with peas to crumb cake with grape jam. In short, there’s everything to drive you wild! And to choose a good wine to accompany the recipes, there is also a section in the book curated by the sommelier Adua Villa who advises the so-called “green” label wines that are organic, biodynamic, vegan.

The author
Simona Ranieri is the only female chef with celiac disease. She is completely dedicated to gluten-free haute cuisine. A native of the Abruzzi, the mother of Paolo, after twenty years in the family restaurant, she has unequalled experience in the creation of gluten and dairy free dishes. She currently splits her time between London and Italy, where she publishes books, writes for specialized magazine, holds conferences, cooking shows, tasting events and has her own line of products (Simona Ranieri Nature). The founder of I Love Gluten Free, she offers consultancies to restaurateurs and individuals about the world of gluten free food. Her motto is All Gluten Free!
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