The Memory Factory
Anthology of clinical and narrative metaphors

Ian Giovanni Soscara

Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 120
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-658-8

A person whose profession is to face the psychological complexity and unease of human beings every day inevitably develops an astute ability to use words. And all of us, each and every one, generate stories; life itself is a factory of stories, of material for dreams and memories. Then, these stories create other stories and inside them everything communicates, because every element in human relations is communication. Lending an ear to others is the origin of this collection of pieces, the fruit of the author’s clinical experience, but also of his personal path as a man, a father and a husband. In our daily life we continually forge metaphors: in order to understand and make ourselves understood, to get angry or perhaps to be happier The incredible wealth of suggestions rooted in metaphorical language opens the door to the conscious and unconscious world of all those who find another sense for a frozen view of a problem. The use of a metaphor transports us thinking beings into a more emotional and useable dimension that is the originator of subconscious suggestions and new sensations. It opens emotional understanding of themes like anxiety, couples’ conflicts, depression, stress, adolescence, school, family and both small or great fears. Like a kind of corpus callosum, it builds a bridge of reflection between the rationality of the left hemisphere and the creativity of the right. It unites man’s unquiet internal world and the surrounding reality composed of objects, subjects and relationships.

The author
Ian Giovanni Soscara (Sanremo, 1970) is a clinical psychologist, systemic and relational psychotherapist and sexologist. He is cofounder and co-director of the Cesena “Clinical Hub for Easy Psychology” for couples and families, director of the psychology area of the Cesena Football Association, humanities teacher and coordinator in a professional training centre for Forlì adolescents. He is also the inventor, scriptwriter and speaker at a cycle of conferences-shows with psycho-educational themes. For years he has worked mainly in the field of consultancy, psychological support and psychotherapeutic interventions for individuals, couples, families and in the workplace.

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