Why women are valuable

Sabrina Scampini

Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Saggi
Pages: 180
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-664-9

If you think that feminism is out of date and no serves anyone; if you think that everything has already been won, then why do women in Italy continue to earn half as much as men. Why do only a very few have important posts and almost never succeed in keeping their job after the birth of their first child (not to speak of the second)? The world classification of the gender gap in the world of work is clear: among developed nations, we are the worst, but it’s as if we don’t realize that. There are some who think that winning the right to vote and the divorce and abortion laws suffice to talk about equality. In the last three years, Sabrina Scampini had two children: she discovered that her women friends and colleagues hadn’t exaggerated when they told her about their days filled with dashing to the nursery school, being late at the office and all the never-ending everyday tasks. She realized that becoming a mother is not just a marvellous experience, but also terribly complicated if you want to continue to work. As a journalist, she had always been concerned with violence against women: from domestic harassments to femicide, an alarming phenomenon often rising from men’s ability to accept the liberty or the refusal of their partners. And that in a certain way regards the fact that women’s liberation has not been completely achieved. This book begins with the numbers: from differences in salaries to the absence of women in executive positions, from the legions of mothers who quit work to the appalling data on the daily female victims of male violence. And the numbers reveal a distressing reality that must be faced head on: we still have a long way to go.

The author
Sabrina Scampini (Legnano, 1976) is a journalist, TV writer and anchorwoman. With a degree in Languages and a specialization in Communication Science from the Catholic University of Milan, she has been an editor for TV series and journalist and writer for various TV programmes. Among these are Matrix on Canale5 and Quarto Grado on Rete4, where she dealt with the big news stories of the last years, with particular attention to femicides and violence against women.

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